Hey, I'm Austin!

I recently made the move from the midwest to Seattle, WA. During my free time I love to work on my car, play video games, and learn new tech!

I have enjoyed working in small business environments throughout my career and am now looking to make the jump into an enterprise environment. My personal and professional experiences have taught me that:

  • I can successfully lead and operate a small business
  • I put the customer at the center of all that I do
  • I educate, refine, and drive myself to be a better person
  • I am constantly learning because I never settle
  • I have a good gut instinct but seek data for my decisions
I would love to work with a group of like minded, forward thinking people, with the goal of truly making an impactful product. A best-fit would be a remote first team that values honesty, its people, and its purpose above all else. Internal growth is very important to me and the ability to learn and test new things while working is a huge bonus.

Technologies I use frequently